5 Fashion Trends for 2021

5 Fashion Trends for 2021

Despite the global challenges we faced in 2020, there was always time for fashion. Remember how tie-dye took over the pandemic and everyone was wearing it? Or how Loungewear was the IT look to wear at home 24/7? I really thank God we have fashion because for sure it makes hard times more comfortable. Although 2020 was a year for setting fashion trends, 2021 has a lot more in store for us. Definitely, fashion is a pendulum, trends come and go.

Knits should be a never-ending trend and guess what?, they are coming back this year, so whether it’s a sweater, a dress, or a blouse, make sure to have a knitted garment in your wardrobe!

Faux leather, will be trending this year; so go and undust all the garments you have stored in the back of your closet in this fabric.

As mentioned , loungewear was a hit in 2020, so we needed a comeback, but with a twist. Elevated Loungewear will be a must-have trend; personally my favorite.

Bold shoulders were a success last fall, so they are coming as a trend this year, therefore if you are a fan of this trend, rock it this year

To conclude, we have a trend that has been a staple for years now; Oversized Denim. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of this trend but I love to see other people wearing it, so go to Zara (favorite store lol) and buy a pair of Oversized Jeans.

Make sure to rock your favorite trends this year and remember, not only because it is a trend you have to wear it. Wear whatever you want.

With love,

Ale Cervantes

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    January 14, 2021

    Love it ūü§©

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