Larsú: The story

Larsú: The story

Last year I presented my collection “Maria Elena” in Fashion Week Honduras and Fashion for the Senses. Since this collection was created to honor my grandmother on her 80th birthday, I wanted to have the most amazing accessories. I spent an extended amount of time searching for the right accessories to go with the collection and also, I wanted them to be hand made. While talking with my cousin, she told me that she had a friend that had recently started with his business of handmade jewelry with his cousin and she suggested me to talk with them to see if they wanted to make a collaboration . This is how I met Leroy and Melissa (Larsú’s founders) and the story behind their brand.

Larsú is a Honduran based brand which offers a diversity of handmade jewelry. This brand was founded back in December of 2018 by: Leroy Arguijo and Melissa Meraz, with the idea of introducing a new business to the Honduran market that was going to offer uniqueness to their clients.

Why Larsu?


The name behind the brand is inspire by an important person in Leroy’s and Melissa’s life; their grandmother. The L stands for her name, Leticia, AR stands for her last name Arias and stands for her second last name Súarez. Leroy has always defined himself as an artist. In fact, in his high school years he liked to make bracelets and also he enjoys painting. Furthermore in college, he studied Graphic Design. This career planted the first seed of Larsú. While studying, he enjoyed the elaboration of new products, branding and art. All of his knowledge led to the founding of this brand.

The pieces for “Maria Elena”

Since the first moment I talked with Leroy and Melissa and explained them the concept of my collection, we clicked. Before fabricating each piece of jewelry they presented me the idea drawn in paper and in that moment I knew that I had made the right choice. Each piece was stunning. Each accessory added the touch of elegance and uniqueness to each garment. Below I show you some of the pieces that Leroy and Melissa designed and fabricated for my collection.

Nowadays, Larsú offers Nationwide and US Shipping. What I like the most of their brand is the uniqueness and quality in each product. For this summer season, they have created fun, colorful , and eco-friendly bracelets, hoops, chokers, rings and many more! It has been a pleasure to collab with their team. I had a very unique experience and can’t wait to make more collaborations with them in the future. Below I will upload some of their summer designs!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Every Wednesday I will be uploading a new post. Support small businesses!

With love, Ale Cervantes

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