María Echeverri: Blooming in your own way

María Echeverri: Blooming in your own way

María Echeverri is a Honduran jewelry designer and artist. Since a very young age, she enjoyed everything that had to do with art including: dancing, painting and playing with beads. Her artistic seed was planted at an early age, but it did not blossom until later on. María graduated from high school when she was only 16 years old. She wanted to study something related to art, but the only career related to arts back in 2002 was Architecture and there was only university here in Honduras, that offered that career. Therefore, she applied to study Medicine, but she didn’t want to study here San Pedro Sula. She wanted to move to study in Tegucigalpa; but, Maria, had one condition, she had to live in the apartments provided by the Opus Dei. After giving it some thought Maria ended up staying in San Pedro Sula and enrolled to study Marketing and International Relationships. She graduated with Honors.

The Story Behind

María went on a trip to New York. While being there she went to visit the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art). She describes her visit as love at first sight. She was impressed with the Museum, especially with the Egyptian section. Reading how the Egyptians manufactured their own jewelry awakened her artistic talent. In that particular moment, Maria knew she wanted to become a jewelry designer and started to bloom in her own way. María went to Brighton, England to study english and there she met her mentor. Brighton is known as the Jewelry city. Her roommate offered her a job in a restaurant where she made some money to pay for the Jewelry and metal-smithery courses. The first ring she manufactured was made of Peridot with Amethyst which she still carries with her. It was time for María to come back to Honduras and study her Master’s Degree in Finance. She was convinced that she did not wanted to study that, her path was jewelry design. With hard work, she gather enough money to pay her tuition fees in the University of Palermo, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina and she flew away to study her dream career. She traveled to Argentina to study Jewelry Design and she specialized in Contemporary Jewelry. Besides her career Maria has received other courses in New York and Colombia; gemology, woven in silver, casting, chemistry, metal alloy, metalsmith and goldsmith techniques workshops. Nowadays María’s specialty is gold-smithery metal-smithery and the experimentation of different metals.

International Recognition

María is now recognized as an international artist. Her jewelry has been exhibited in different countries such as Chile, Romania and Italy. Her extraordinary pieces have received very important awards around the world. Maria has been awarded twice consecutive in 2nd and 3rd place the “Premio Lorenzo 11 Magnifico” in the XI Florence Biennele. (Category of Jewelry Art). In addition to these awards, she has been nominated twice as “Artist of the year” and in 2018 she received the “Leonardo Da Vinci Award.” All of her hard work and dedication has lead for her name to appear in worldwide editorials such as British Vogue, Vanity Fair (British) and Forbes as one of the most creative women of Central America and República Dominicana.

House of ME

House of ME is Maria’s jewelry store. It’s the first store in Honduras with a contemporary concept. This is where her masterpieces are manufactured and exhibited. Maria’s biggest dream is to open House of ME in Plaza Vendome in Paris.

The three pieces below have awarded Maria with different prizes.

María is a true inspiration for me. Her story proves that dreams are only dreams unless you work for them. In order to succeed and transcend borders the way she has made it, bumpy roads might be ahead, but when your dreams are very clear, perseverance and faith will help you reach your goals in life. Remember to always to Bloom in you own way.

With love, Ale Cervantes

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    In love, Grazie Mille bella

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