Mary Ann Kafati is a Honduran Fashion Designer. From an early age, she knew that fashion was the path she wanted to take in life. Mary Ann remembers to have a sketchpad that she took everywhere she visited and drew every detail that caught her attention on it. In addition to this, she drew in the borders of her father’s diaries and napkins. Also, she drew Disney princess’s gowns but she gave them her twist. Fashion was always in Mary Ann’s DNA, and one day it was time to take it to the next level. She recounts that one day she went to her father and showed him a design of a gray dress with flares and her dad told her that it was time to elaborate on her designs. This is how she took her first step into the fashion industry.

Mary Ann Kafati in her signature wrap top

Fashion Week and her early steps as a designer

As soon as Mary Ann knew she could start to make her designs, her mother and she went to look for fabrics, and that’s how her first collection was made. A friend of her sister had presented her collection in Fashion Week Honduras when she was only a senior in high school, so she spoke to Fanne and Alejandro Medrano (Fashion Week Honduras CEOs)about Mary Ann and they were impressed with her. Mary Ann got in contact with Fanne and Alejandro. Mary Ann expressed that they were both very welcoming with her and that they had told her by phone, that she was going to present her collection with emergent Fashion Designers. Mary Ann was very excited but there was a twist when she presented her collection in person to Fanne and Alejandro. She already had set up her music, models, makeup, designs everything for her runway so instead of presenting with emergent Fashion Designers, Mary Ann was selected to present with national Fashion Designers at only 15 years old. Thanks to the unconditional support of Fanne and Alejandro, Mary Ann has had incredible national and international opportunities.

SCAD and Internships

Mary Ann always dreamed to study Fashion Design at Savanah College of Art and Design, best known as SCAD, and her dream was realized due to her great portfolio. Mary Ann expresses that college was probably her best years in life. She learn a lot of new things, she had great teachers and also she had the opportunity to meet new people from different parts of the world. Her experience in SCAD was unique due to the high competition. Mary Ann says that Fashion Design is a very competitive career because you always have to be innovating and finding something that will make your brand unique. In SCAD, she met a teacher that always pushed her to her limits to always create new things. Also, something that impressed Mary Ann was how she was able to sleep for very few hours. She expressed that she had a great experience and then it was time for her to make an internship. Getting a good internship is very hard, especially in Fashion, but that did not stop Mary Ann. Mary Ann had been offered two good internships, but one day she received a phone call that changed her life. She had been offered an internship at Carolina Herrera. Her experience was amazing she expresses. Since the first day, she entered the offices of CH she was impressed. Everyone was dressed very formally and the infrastructure of the offices was exquisite. In her internship, she had the opportunity to select textiles for new collections, sketch ideas, and even eat with Carolina Herrera. Also, she had the chance to meet celebrities like Olivia Palermo and Jessica Simpson. This internship opened her new doors and one of them was to work with the Fashion Designer Yigal Azrouël. Mary Ann was achieving everything she dreamed of when she was a little girl but it was time for her to return home.

A Fashion Signature

Nowadays, Mary Ann is a recognized fashion designer, nationally and internationally. Her brand is based in Honduras and she offers both, custom made designs and collection pieces. Until today she has the privilege to present in eleven runways, national and international. I will define Mary Ann’s style as elegant and classy. Her signature wrap top is a statement piece and you can use it as however you want. The way she designs with such delicacy is stunning. Mary Ann is a designer whom I look up to because her story is truly an inspiration. I remember when I presented my first collection, I was also 15 years old and she was there. I remember talking with her. I was really scared to present but when she told me her story, it calmed me down. She told me that every risk she took was worth it and now I can say that is absolutely true. Mary Ann didn’t just has built an amazing brand, but she also has given many smiles in very women that wears a design of hers.

With love, Ale Cervantes

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