The Cuff Jewelry: The Story Behind

The Cuff Jewelry: The Story Behind

The Cuff Jewelry was founded in October 2020 by Gina Orellana. Gina was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and she is currently 17 years old. She describes herself as a very creative and determined person. Gina also is very outspoken and enjoys interacting with people. Besides The Cuff Jewelry, she is also one of the hosts in Captured By Us, a podcast that invites people to discuss different topics about life. Gina is also the Creative Director of Female Factory Shop, an online e-commerce, made up of women-owned microenterprises. Through the Factory Shop, she wants to help women grow and inspire young entrepreneurs.

Founder: Gina Raquel Orellana

How was the Cuff Jewelry Born?

Gina always dreamed of having her own jewelry store. Whenever she went jewelry shopping, the first item she looked for were cuffs. Gina previously mentioned me that finding the “perfect cuff” was always a challenge, therefore she initially founded The Cuff as a project for herself. The first piece she launched was the “Kamila Cuff” in honor of her best friend. She received a lot of support with the launching of her first creation, therefore she was brave enough to officially launch her business. The first Volume presented included 12 different cuffs; 6 in gold and 6 in silver.

What is the purpose of the Cuff Jewelry?

The Cuff Jewelry’s purpose is to continue designing and give life to more products. Gina and her team want to create a female community to help women feel empowered with every accessory.

Gina’s Favorite: The Mary Joe Cuff

What are the plans for the Cuff Jewelry this year?

The Cuff Jewelry plans to continue growing. This year, they plan to launch 5 new collections. As their motto states “Seek to Empower”, each collection will personally be designed for each women. In March they will launch “The Gulianna Star Collection”. Its purpose is to inspire people to follow their dreams and aim for the stars.

I truly believe this brand was born with one purpose; empowering women. Is there anything more powerful than women supporting women? I guess nothing, so go to order some cuffs for yourself. and follow them on Instagram as @thecuffjewelry. Enjoy your cuffs!

See you next Wednesday,

With love,

Ale Cervantes

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