Why Fashion Design?

Why Fashion Design?

From a young age, I knew that Fashion Design was the path that I wanted to take in life, and probably you have heard the story behind this decision, but I want to tell you the importance of Fashion Design in my life. The fashion seed was always planted in my DNA. Whenever I went shopping with my mother I always chose my own outfits, never let my mom do that work. Then back in fourth grade, in English class, weekly we had composition day which consisted of writing in a journal about life experiences, dreams, aspirations, shorts stories, etc. One day, we had to write about what we aspired to be when we grew and yes, I wrote that I wanted to become a Fashion Designer. You know while writing this last part, I started to smile because definitely fashion makes me smile. Now, continue reading to know the real meaning of fashion in my life

I have always been admired by the textiles with different color combinations, textures, and including ornaments. The way texture can bring life to a garment and help it expressed a feeling or emotion is absolutely amazing, and exactly that is what I feel whenever I design. Being able to make custom made designs for my costumers and later on putting a big smile in their face is something so beautiful that literally, they are no words to describe that feeling. I still remember my first custom made design, every step in the journey was amazing. From the moment the client and I chose the fabrics, till the moment the garment was elaborated. Seeing the face of satisfaction in my client felt amazing. In addition to this, designing is a way for me to escape the mind. Two years ago, I was passing through a very hard moment in my life, and whenever I designed it was only me, and my pencil and my problems surrounding me, were gone. Every day I thank God for giving me the talent of designing because I would not know what to do without it. When words lack, I design to express feelings and emotions.

I have never thought of Fashion Design as a job, instead, I’ve always had seen it as something I enjoy. I will say that fashion is really my passion. Even when I am listening to music, I’m thinking about what garment can I create according to the music lyrics. Actually, yesterday, I was listening to the song “Don’t Stop Believing'” and a design idea came to my mind. I find inspiration everywhere and that’s one of the things I enjoy most about it because there is no limit for my creativity. I really hope one day you are able to find that something that makes you smile, even when you are feeling low because that’s the beauty of life. You can be whatever you want, you are your only limit. Work for something that you will never find as work and remember that when you find it, work for it until you achieve it.

With love, Ale Cervantes

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